Air Gap alpha 1

So I finally got around to actually working on this since the GGJ release.

Primarily this has just been technical and design work.

On the techical side, the main thing has been implementing level saving and loading, as well as level editing functionality. It's not yet at the point where you can create levels entirely within the game itself, but I'll probably try and get a rudimentary level editor in as soon as possible and use that for development, as that will mean other people can also make their own levels.

The level file format is JSON, though the structure would really more suit a binary level format as I'm doing hacky stuff to generalise the data structure. In future I might implement a binary format too, but for now I think compatibility is key and the JSON serialiser built into Unity makes that a lot easier than it would be if I were using my own binary format.

Design-wise the main change to the game in the current form is that the tutorial is a bit more gradual, and hopefully explains things more clearly. Most of the design work has gone into designing levels that are unfortunately not yet in the game, as they require a few more systems to implement cleanly.

Feedback in comments is greatly appreciated!

A log of versions can be found here:
Updates on twitter are here:


Air Gap Alpha 1 Windows 11 MB
Sep 30, 2018
Air Gap Alpha 1 Linux 17 MB
Sep 30, 2018
Air Gap Alpha 1 Mac 15 MB
Sep 30, 2018

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