Air Gap Alpha 2

Only worked on the order of about 8 hours on this over the past month, but slowly making progress.

I've been moving more of the level editing stuff out of the Unity editor and into in-game controls. It's still very hotkey based and is missing a few crucial components (such as the ability to select which chips the player is allowed to deploy in the level), so there will need to be some bespoke UI stuff but a rudimentary player-facing level editor might make it into the next build (no promises though).

The most obvious change visible to players will be the annotations, which will hopefully explain things a bit better than the level text alone.
Things would probably be clearer if displays had some sort of graph over time as well as current value, so I want to do some UI work for that soon. This would ideally be both on the chips in game but also visible somewhere on the UI so that values can be compared alongside each other. I will most likely also add the ability to mouse over any editable node and see the current value/graph.

Feedback in comments is greatly appreciated!

A log of versions can be found here:
Updates on twitter are here:


Air Gap Alpha 2 Windows 11 MB
Nov 04, 2018
Air Gap Alpha 2 Linux 17 MB
Nov 04, 2018
Air Gap Alpha 2 Mac 15 MB
Nov 04, 2018

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