Air Gap Alpha 3

I've been working on and off with this build for a few months now, and I think it's in a good place!

It's had some playtesting and I've implemented much of the feedback, though let me know if the game is still too complicated/requires a shallower learning curve.

There's 20 levels in this build (plus the bonus "sandbox" level at the end), so I'd be interested to see if anyone has finished them all.
As noted was planned in the last devlog, the "display" chips now have a graph, and mousing over components whilst the sim is running shows a similar graph - hopefully this makes it easy to figure out what is going on in the circuit. I would like to expand this to having the graphs "snap out" and be placeable on the UI, for easier comparison.

Feedback in comments is greatly appreciated!

A log of versions can be found here:
Updates on twitter are here:


Air Gap Alpha 3 Windows 19 MB
Apr 11, 2019
Air Gap Alpha 3 Linux 19 MB
Apr 11, 2019

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